Things That A Frequent Sun Tanner Should Know

12 June 2017
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Spending time on the beach is a great way to pass time and get a nice complexion. However, too much exposure to the sun can also be harmful to your health. The reason why is because the ultraviolet radiation that the sun emits can cause you to develop skin cancer. If you are a frequent tanner, it is actually a good idea to look for signs of skin cancer so you can get treated while it is still in the early stage of development. Take a look at this article to learn a few important things in regards to sun tanning and your skin.

It is Wise to Use Sunscreen While at the Beach

When you are at the beach, you should always remember to pack sunscreen for protection. Basically, the sunscreen will create a barrier on your skin that makes it difficult for ultraviolet radiation to penetrate through it. You will still be able to achieve a nice tan while wearing sunscreen. One of the perks of using sunscreen is that it can prevent you from aging prematurely from ultraviolet radiation exposure. The most important advantage of using sunscreen is the protection that it can provide against skin cancer.

Pay Attention to Your Skin in Case Cancer Develops

When you are a frequent sun tanner, it is important to pay attention to any unusual changes that your skin experiences. For instance, one of the common types of skin cancers that can develop from tanning is called basal cell carcinomas. Basically, the cells can appear on your skin as elevated red patches, pink growths, and as firm flat areas that have a light color. If you have notices any signs of having basal cell carcinomas, make sure that you get see a dermatologist as soon as possible so an official diagnosis can be made. You will need to undergo prompt treatment, as skin cancer can develop to a fatal stage if left untreated.

Your Eyes Can Get Damaged by Ultraviolet Radiation

Keep in mind that your eyes are at risk for getting damaged just like your skin when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. For example, you can develop macular degeneration, which can cause your vision to become poor. Macular degeneration can actually cause blindness in the worst case scenario. You should also keep in mind that neglecting to protect your eyes can cause skin cancer to develop on your eyelids. Try to wear sunglasses as much as possible when you are sun tanning at the beach. Click here to learn more about skin cancer treatments.