Vaginal Muscle Tone Not What It Used To Be? 4 Reasons Vaginal Rejuvenation Will Benefit You

22 May 2017
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If you've been experiencing vaginal relaxation, which many women experience after childbirth, or through the natural aging process, you owe it to yourself to consider vaginal rejuvenation. Through vaginal rejuvenation, the interior and exterior vaginal muscles are repaired. Not only that, but any damage to your vagina – such as scarring caused by childbirth – will be repaired as well. Vaginal rejuvenation provides numerous benefits, including the ones discussed below.

Improved Bowel Function

When the muscles inside your vagina begin to weaken, your bowels can pay the price. In fact, weakened vaginal muscles can lead to bowel prolapse, which causes part of the bowel to protrude from the vagina. When that happens, it can be difficult to pass normal bowel movements. Vaginal rejuvenation restores your muscle control, which improves bowel function.

Better Tampon Retention

If you use tampons during your period, you may notice that they no longer fit properly. In fact, you may actually notice that they fall out when you cough, sneeze, or exert pressure on your vagina. That's because the muscles aren't tight enough to hold your tampon in place anymore. If you're having problems keeping your tampons in place, you need to talk to your doctor about vaginal rejuvenation. Once your muscle tone is restored, you'll be able to wear tampons without any trouble again.

No Embarrassing Sounds

One of the problems with relaxed vaginal muscles is the vaginal cavity becomes enlarged. Unfortunately, that can lead to embarrassing moments, such as popping or gassy sounds coming from your vagina when you least expect it. For instance, if you're lying on the floor during an exercise class, the pressure of lifting up from the waist can expand the vaginal opening, allowing the space to be filled with air. When you release the pressure, you may notice embarrassing sounds coming from your vagina as the air escapes. Vaginal rejuvenation will tighten the muscles so that you no longer need to deal with those sounds.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

If you're not receiving as much pleasure from sexual intercourse, or your partner has noticed that you're no longer as tight as you used to be, it might be due to weakened vaginal muscles. Vaginal rejuvenation will tighten your muscles, and restore the tone of your vaginal walls, which will increase your sexual pleasure.

If childbirth, or the natural aging process has robbed you of vaginal muscle control, it's time to talk to your doctor about vaginal rejuvenation. Companies like Refined Dermatology can help.